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Can bubblegum stick a family together? A young boy wanted to blow the biggest bubble ever. It turns out he made a bubble elephant—a happy pink bubblegum elephant! Wow! The only problem was, what can you do with such a huge “pet”?

In a galaxy far far away there lived the brothers Rainbow Dragons. They arrange unforgettable excursions for tourists who come to their planet in a dream. However, there are also mishaps. Indeed, despite the fact that the brothers are very different, they are all a little ... goofу

In the world of Droplets everything is almost like in ours, but more fantastical! Little Droplets have fun, solve their childish problems and, at the same time, destroy the evil ice villain’s plans. Because kindness, quick wits and courage can do quite a bit to surprise the most fantastic world!

On a very cloudy planet far away, there lived a great magician, though she was just a child. A little one, but very serious. Once the girl was practicing magic and dragged in . . . a dragon from another world. A huge dragon, but not very serious.

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